Raybin And Perky Tennessee Supreme Court Hot List

David Raybin, Sarah Perky, and Ben Raybin edit the Tennessee Supreme Court Hot List which will keep you informed about the recent grants of review in both civil and criminal cases and what it may mean to your practice.

The following list addresses all pending cases where review was granted in order of the date of grant of review. Since cases often involve multiple issues and the Court generally does not specify which ones are of concern, the issues identified below may not always be the ones addressed in the Court's opinions.


Tennessee Teacher Tenure Act

Case:  Emory v. Board of Education Issue:  What is the remedy when a School Board fails to conduct a tenured teacher’s termination hearing within the time mandated by the statute? Facts:  Teacher, who had … [Read more...]

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Case:  Edward Martin v. Gregory Powers, et al Issue:  Does an Uninsured Motorist Policy cover an accident caused by a rental car, when the rental company is self-insured yet exempt from liability? Facts:  … [Read more...]

Defective Indictment and Lesser-Included Offenses

Case:  State of Tennessee v. Rhakim Martin Issues: Must an indictment specify a particular predicate felony? Did the trial court commit plain error in failing to instruct the jury on a charge that was not deemed to be … [Read more...]

Challenging a Conviction After the Sentence has Expired

Cases:  State v. Adrian R. Brown and State v. James D. Wooden Issue:  May a conviction may be challenged after the sentence has expired? Facts:  In State v. Brown, Mr. Brown was convicted of a drug offense which … [Read more...]

Utility Charge Challenges

Case:  American Heritage Apartments, Inc. v. The Hamilton County Water and Wastewater Treatment Authority, Hamilton County, Tennessee Issue:  Is local Water Authority subject to private cause of action for allegedly … [Read more...]

Traffic Stop Suppression

Case:  State of Tennessee v. Linzey Danielle Smith State of Tennessee v. William Whitlow Davis, Jr. Issue:  Does driving over the fog line justify a stop of the vehicle? Facts: In these consolidated cases, the … [Read more...]

Corporate Shareholder Standing

Case:  In Re: Estate of Edward Stephen McRedmond Issue:  Do shareholders of a corporation have standing to seek damages for alleged corporate losses or to seek an injunction? Facts:  The case involves a long … [Read more...]

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